The Mystery Runs Deep

AFTER more than a century, the disappearance of steamship Waratah remains the greatest sea mystery of modern times. Apart from the period immediately following its disappearance, little effort has been expended in finding its final resting place. Add to that the fact that it disappeared in a storm of frightening proportions and you have what might be fairly assessed as a hopeless task.

Enter a young naval recruit with a dream, a stubborn streak and a world of ever-improving technology. With no experience in the field, Emlyn Brown set about climbing this nautical mountain one step at a time. By endless research, digging up fascinating historical connections to Waratah and reaching out to nautical experts, slowly built a dossier on Waratah and everything to do with her.

His unrelenting course attracted the attention of famous authors, generous sponsors and the odd self-seeking imposter. Like any journey in life, it had high points and low points. The high points created the energy to continue, the low points the determination to continue. For twenty-one years Emlyn Brown persevered, despite the naysayers.

This book takes you through each of the expeditions mounted to find Waratah. From the first 'low technology' attempts to the final few, which employed the best technology on offer, he strove to lift the veil covering this enduring mystery. But more than that, it exposes the story behind the company which owned and built her and the decisions which may well have led to her fate.

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