About the Author: Emlyn Brown

Emlyn Brown's formal education ended in 1973. For him the world was his university, his curiosity his curriculum. This meant for him a variety of pursuits that began long before he had left school. As a hobby electronics was his first pursuit and with the help of a set of text books he taught himself. It's how he educates himself to this day.

The SA Navy proved a turning point in his life when in the engine room he found a book chronicling the ill-fated Waratah. Emlyn headed the National Underwater and Marine Agency between 1990 to 2006 in a combination of research, and commercial enterprise and advancing funding to search for the ill-fated Waratah and other project development programs.

Emlyn has spent countless hours and years researching every bit of information he could about the doomed ship. In a nutshell, Emlyn's CV is the search for the Waratah. Emlyn lives in Cape Town and is continuing to develop marine related projects.

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